Whether you are brand new on your journey to exploring your life and feelings, or you have been at it for a while - this self-paced, four-week course will help you unpack some deep-rooted learned behaviours and emotions that keep you stuck in overwhelm.  My team and I are thrilled you have landed in this space and we are here to support you.

Throughout this course you will be asked to get a little uncomfortable as we explore the patterns you have both consciously and unconsciously been living - the patterns that have created your life right now.  It may feel a little icky at times to admit the behaviours we are defaulting to, but there isn't any shame in how you've been operating.  You will find that many of your emotions, responses and motivations were learned without much thought of their "rightness" or "wrongness" within your own life.  It's how we are raised by our families, within our cultures, and truly - just part of being human.

When we are small we are dependent on cues from our caretakers on what is expected of us - not many people reach a point where they are ready to deconstruct those cues and expectations and I'd like you to take a moment and congratulate yourself for reaching this point in the first place.  it's a tremendous step on your path to building a more joy-filled life.

As you move through the course and begin to deconstruct the patterns you are currently living, you will find many of the beliefs you have really aren't yours in the first place and it's OK to feel a little confused about where to go next - please reach out to my team if you need help navigating through a challenge or just need a little more clarity on a lesson.  As I said before, we are here to support you.

After decades of doing this work with all types of people, I know it has the power to transform even the most lost people into people with purpose, confidence and emotional resilience.  We are so excited and grateful you have chosen to take care of yourself.  

Catreeana Saunders,


Course curriculum

    1. How to Succeed in this Course

    2. Week One - You Start Here

    3. Week One - Inventory Questions

    1. Week Two - You Start Here

    2. Week Two Meditation: Connecting to the Self

    3. Week Two - Inventory Questions

    1. Week Three - You Start Here

    2. Week Three Meditation: Kindness towards Self

    3. Week Three - Inventory Questions

    1. Week Four - You Start Here

    2. Week Four - Inventory Questions

    3. Before you go...

    4. A Gift For You - Bonus Mindfulness Exercise

About this course

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