Your journey to self love and kindness starts here...

A free weekly ongoing support group dedicated to cultivating inner kindness

Hello and welcome to The Kindness Journey - A Self-Help Support Group.

Join kindness facilitators Caroline Webster and Jen Armstrong on a journey through the self, to the self. 

This free and ongoing, self-help support group ran as a three-week trial, and due to its success, we are thrilled to continue the course every other Sunday morning for one hour of group support. 

Starting on Sunday July 5th at 9.45am and continuing through the season. 

Sunday July 5th @ 9.45am

Sunday July 19th @ 9.45am

Sunday August 2nd @ 9.45am

Sunday August 16th @ 9.45am.

We've created this group because we realized no matter how long we have been working on ourselves, we often need to come back to the simple act of choosing kindness consciously, each day. 

Isn't it strange that something so basic as kindness needs constant refreshing and attention?  

In this modern world in which we live, kindness has been replaced with being successful, getting ahead, retail shopping, and a lot fear. It is so easy to fall in the trap of busy-ness, constant distractions, rushing and ticking boxes on a list. It's so easy for us to put being kind and loving to ourselves on the back burner. We choose to focus on work, housekeeping, kids, cooking, paying bills etc. 

We are hard on ourselves, much harder than we are with others. Our internal narratives are mean and undeserving. We may try to watch our thoughts and words towards ourselves, but a slip into judgment is just a mistake or bad mood away. We have seen the way these inner voices are able to soften when we surround ourselves with supportive people going through the same things. 

This group was created to provide a space of collaboration and accountability. We encourage each other to see in themselves what we see, we know that group-think is powerful, and life changing.

Accountability buddies are nothing new, but instead of health or success driven goals, this group creates accountability with our thoughts, our narratives, our stories of self. This group creates a space to talk about all things kindness, to get together to encourage and nurture each other, and to support lasting internal shifts into the kindness. 

Caroline and Jen are thrilled and grateful that you are thinking of joining the group, and welcome you with open arms.

Each week, we will explore a new path to kindness  to help inspire, create, and simulate discussion around our own personal kindness journeys. 

A Zoom link will be sent to you on booking.  

What will I learn?

Here's a few of the things you can expect from The Kindness Journey

  • How to identify your current narrative and change it to one that is softer, and more kind

  • How to regulate thoughts and emotions to cultivate self love each day

  • How accountability and support can increase opportunities for compassion and kindness

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The Kindness Journey - A Self-Help Group

    • Week One - Commitment to Kindness

  • 2

    Week Two - Commitment and Support - A Reflection

    • Week Two - Reflection - Commitment and Support

  • 3

    Week Three

    • Week Three - Kindness and Life Change

  • 4

    Class Four

    • Lesson Four - The Kindness Journey - A Self-Help Support Group

  • 5

    Class Five

    • Lesson Five - The Kindness Journey - A Self-Help Support Group

  • 6

    Class Six

    • Lesson Six - The Kindness Journey - A Self-Help Support Group

  • 7

    Class Seven

    • Lesson Seven - The Kindness Journey - A Self-Help Support Group

  • 8

    Class Eight

    • Kindness Journey Fortnightly Catch-up

  • 9

    Class Nine

    • Kindness Journey Fortnightly Catch-up

Community Details

  • Duration

    This opportunity is open and ongoing. Join us every other Sunday at 9:45 am

  • Delivery

    Community meeting are held on zoom calls

  • Schedule

    We meet every other Sunday on an ongoing basis. Upcoming classes: Sunday July 19th @ 9.45am Sunday August 2nd @ 9.45am Sunday August 16th @ 9.45am.

Join Now!

The simple act of kindness towards self will change your life.