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    This one day workshop is a new unique and exciting take on working with crystals. Your facilitators Catreeana Saunders and Charlotte Wragg will be taking you down a path of self discovery and helping to open a deeper connection to the self, the earth and her crystal children. Most crystals courses teach the names and the properties of the stones, however, in our course we will be teaching how to have communication with each and every stone. Catreeana and Charlotte have found that all of the stones are different regardless of whether they’re from the same family for example amethyst or quartz. You will be taught how to begin to understand how to read crystals and use them like a spiritual book for understanding. This workshop will be held over 3 hours. The workshop has been set at a particular time to enable all of our friends from around the globe to join. We’ve tried to pick a time that works for a lot of countries. The time set is standard Eastern Australian time so please check the world clock to see what time the workshop will be on in your neck of the woods. We look forward to this truly international event as we teach the magic of crystals from the UK to Australia! Charlotte is from the UK living in Wales and Catreeana is from Australia living in Melbourne. This will be a truly international event. We look forward to working with you.

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    Date: Saturday November 21st at 7PM AEDT. (Please check world clock for other countries.) Duration: 3 hours

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Course curriculum

    1. Welcome - Here’s some info on how to prepare for the workshop

    2. Crystal Connection Workshop with Catreeana and Charlotte

    1. Connecting and working with your crystals

    1. Crystalline energy activation meditation.

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