Lockdown Support Daily Live Meditations

Nurture, calm your mind, and build peace for your mind, body and soul during lockdown. It’s time to support one another, be in community and meditate. Catreeana will take up her soothing singing bowls again, and run 5 daily meditations (one per day throughout the lockdown) of 30 minutes at 5.30PM, starting today, February 13th until February 17th, to help you through this unprecedented time. The exchange is just $25 for the five meditations. Please note each meditation will be recorded and uploaded, so if you cannot make the meditations on the day, you can listen to them at your convenience. Click the button below to book now and avoid missing the “Magic Lady’s magic!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    February 13th 2021

    • Day One Meditation

    • Golden Sunshine of the Soul Meditation

  • 2

    February 14th 2021

    • Day Two Meditation

    • I am Here... Breath Meditation

  • 3

    February 15th 2021

    • Day Three Meditation

    • Truth of Who You Are Meditation

  • 4

    February 16th 2021

    • Day Four Meditation

    • Inner Strength Meditation

  • 5

    February 17th 2021

    • Day Five Meditation