Lockdown Support Daily Check-In

Join Catreeana, bring a smile and create some community by joining the School of the Human Spirit daily check-in for the duration of the lockdown.

Date and Time: February 14 - 18 at 9.00AM

Duration: 30 Min

Delivery: Zoom Meeting

Cost: This is a gift to you.

Start your day by sharing how you are and bring some light into the world!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Day One Check-In

    • Check In Day one

  • 2

    Day Two Check-In

    • Day Two Check-In

  • 3

    Day Three Check-In

    • Day Three Check-In

  • 4

    Day Four Check-In

    • Day Four Check-In

  • 5

    Day Five Check-In

    • Day Five Check-In