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Catreeana changes lives. Her coaching and spiritual teaching open the pathway to a world where freedom of spirit and living your dreams is normal.

If you have been wanting change and transformation and you want it now, a private personalised one on one program with Catreeana will not disappoint. The program provides a 3-month container of 8 one-on-one individual coaching sessions, to come up with solutions that work so quickly, that most clients no longer have the issues they started with by the end of the program. You receive unlimited direct-messaging support from Catreeana. The minimum hours of support during the 3 months is 8 - 10 hours. However, the program is created around the individual's needs and can include individually-created meditations, free access to other resources and anything else that Catreeana feels would benefit your container. Catreeana prefers that the program is results-based, so she does what is required to achieve those results. Therefore, no two programs are identical or vaguely alike. Catreeana's methods are unorthodox, fast and thorough and will support you to live a soul-driven life, moving away from the personality. Price is $3666.66 (inclusive of GST for Australian clients only) for the three-month program. Overseas clients, please choose the price option without GST. ($3300)
    1. Week One - Transformation Time

    1. Week Two

    1. Week Three

    1. Week Four

    1. Week Five

    1. Week Six

About this course

  • $3,666.66
  • 8 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content